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Lollipop, Lollipop

Working with Bamboo at 22 wpi with two strands can be a challenge. To put it bluntly, it tangles. It jumps out of the ball and tries to attach itself to anything in your knitting bag.

I actually spent pretty much the whole flight to Spain working on untangling my yarn (This was before I read “No Sheep for Ewe” so I was foolishly trying to pull from the center of the ball… which, trickily enough, works great for awhile)

See the photo for my latest solution: Lollipop bags. I got them at Michaels. They are a pretty good size for small balls of yarn. They leave enough room for the ball to unwind (from the outside). And they are inexpensive.

For my next project with this yarn, I think I would try to put the two lollipop bags with the same color together in a larger drawstring bag. Just to make finding your two color ends a bit quicker….

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