I realized that the Bambu 7 is about 22 wpi and that I really wanted a lacier look. Checked my stash and I have either some really old acrylic or a couple of half-white/half-brown or half-white/half-blue cotton. Both of which are closer to 30 wpi. I just didn’t relish the idea of using either for what I had envisioned was a nice soft dark stole.

So that meant trips to the LYSs. My sis and I went out just before 7pm on Thursday. We went to Yarn Garden first, which is the closest, and they were out of the dark colors in the right weight… too many MS3ers in the area? Then we went on to Twisted (which fortuneatley is open until 8 pm) and found a very nice, very black Alpaca/Silk mix. Fino. Looks like 1 skein will work.

The beads I already have will work with that as well. Then I checked into the crochet hook stash, and the smallest I had was a 10, which is too big for these. I really like the idea of the crochet hook technique (and not stringing them all). So off again Friday night this time to Michaels. They had a single size 12. Looks like that will work for these beads.

So Happy again.. finished up a bit more on the “Stormy Sky” bag (another day? looking good), then up this morning (Saturday) to tackle some more knitting and got COMPLETELY side-tracked with a broken water hose (hot) on the washer (which was running)… so now its a day for cleaning up the basement.

What is that they say about best laid plans???