I’m off to start designing my own Norwegian-style sweater (part of the TKGA level III requirements).

I am going to make it with Bambu yarn though so that I can wear it whenever I want. I rarely get cold enough to need wool here (Portland, OR).

Here is my collection of Bambu (blues and greys).

The Bambu that I have makes a really nice, soft drapey swatch. Trouble is, the swatch is using size 1 needles (US)! So tiny stitches.

Interesting that with the flash the blue on grey in the bottom shows up. Just looking at the swatch with out the camera lens, you can hardly see the pattern there. I also did some playing with which yarn to hold in which hand for more “pop”. I’m going to use accent color in my left hand and background in my right, as I normally do.

I did try an unpatterned swatch with doubled yarn and size 4 and 5 US needles. The 5 is drapey-er, but a bit holey and the 4 just seems too tense. An informal survey (of my family) results in the size 1 needle version.

I was thinking cardigan earlier, but now I’m thinking pull-over because the less steeking the better with this slippery yarn!