The Silver Reed LK150 is a mid-gauge plastic bed machine. This is the machine we often use to teach the basics of machine knitting. It is a 6mm machine and has 150 needles. It can handle a wide range of yarn from Sport to Worsted weight. It is lightweight so easy to carry, but does not include a case as many of the metal bed machines do. It can be set up on a table or a knitting machine stand, but has a slightly shorter mast than many of the metal bed machines. You may want to put your yarn on the floor behind the machine to allow for an even pull. This machine has a unique design of roller-capped latch needles, which ensures smooth and quiet operation.

One of the reasons that we use this machine to teach the basics, is that there are few attachments to confuse the new machine knitter. There is no ribber available, so any purl stitches must be hand-manipulated on the machine or knit by hand.

There is an intarsia carriage available: the AG11