What machines are in the Studio?

We have a variety of used machines in the studio for members to use.  The following machines / equipment are set up and ready to use:

  • LK150
  • Studio 700
  • Brother Electroknit KH940 with Ribber and Garter Carriage
  • Brother KH260 with Ribber
  • Erlbacher Gearhart Speedster Deluxe Circular Sock Machine
  • Hague Linker

The following are in the storage area and can be set up by request:

  • Toyota KS901 with Ribber, additional attachments available
  • Passap Vario Big (2+)
  • Brother Home Knitter KX-350 (2)

The following are either here and we aren’t sure yet if they are in working order, or they are in the process of being re-furbished:

  • KnitoMat Custom 180 Hand Knitter
  • Ultimate Sweater Machine
  • Passap Duomatic 80 (2+ with various attachments)
  • Silver Sk120 with Ribber