I have two boys. 17 and 13 years old. I also have worn jeans since they changed the rules and allowed girls to wear pants to school. OK. None of the bags are from pants THAT old!

I started saving the old jeans. “I’ll use them for something…. someday” I said to myself. The pile started getting larger. My husband started to ask about it. When we got a new couch for the family room and moved the old ones to the basement for a rec room, I thought “Maybe I’ll sew them together and recover the couches”…

Needless to say, that never happened. Then last year my sister and I started a business. Fiber Rhythm Craft & Design. Since its our business, we get to decide what our product lines will be.

I started out with knitting patterns– so many ideas, so little time to knit them all!

Then, I found myself needing more project bags. My totes were already overflowing with yarn and more yarn… Then I started thinking about those piles of jeans… and how the denim was the perfect weight for a nice sturdy project bag… and the rest, as they say… is history.

At any rate, I’m combining the old worn-out-in-the-knees jeans with other fabrics and creating these great project bags. Of course they all have pockets and all are sturdy and ready for work.

Right now I just have the three bags for sale (link removed). A smallish shoulder bag, a project clutch and an extra large project bag. As I continue to make more, I’ll add more to the web site. Each will be unique, although some will follow the same general design (I really love the extra large project bag, for example)… but because they all use remnants– we won’t have lots of bags using the same fabrics.

More fun for everyone. No two alike. Enjoy!

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