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Located in SE Portland. Find Ashford and Silver Reed equipment here. Along with yarn on cones, spools, in skeins or balls. For all kinds of crafters.

Upcoming Events

Local Yarn Store Day 2022

Local Yarn Store Day
April 30, 2022

Local Yarn Store Day is an annual yarn shop appreciation day created by TNNA members. The 2022 LYS Day will take place on April 30th and is designed to show support for small businesses while bringing together a unique community of knitters, crocheters, weavers and spinners to drive awareness and celebrate crafts.

At Fiber Rhythm Craft & Design, we will be offering special LYS Day cowl kits from Mountain Colors.

We will also have demonstrations set up for customers to try all sorts of crafts–knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, and machine knitting, to name a few!

Call us if you would like to help others learn just a bit about your favorite craft!

Private lessons

Complete more projects, beautifully. Learn a new skill!

Our teachers are all fully vaccinated and we require that students also be vaccinated.

Design Challenge Boxes

We are working on our next Design Challenge. Watch this space for more info coming soon.

Materials included. Win free tech editing and get your pattern published

Finish More Projects, Beautifully

Need help getting through your project backlog? We have ways to help. Check them out at our Fiber Rhythm Studio site.

Out of Many, One

Our country’s motto, “E Pluribus Unum” translated into knitting. This series of blanket patterns use multiple strands of yarn gathered together, to create a single warm blanket. 

Tech Editing

Dawn is a certified Technical Editor for knitting patterns. Call us to learn more about our technical editing services.