A Stormy Sky Bag

I’ve decided to create a knitting bag from the same designs as the Stormy Sky sweater (c) 2007 Fiber Rhythm Craft & Design. (see links)
One of the main reasons is I have had to send the sweater off to TKGA and don’t expect to get it back for several months. I miss it!

So stranded knitting for the outside of the bag, and plain for the inside. I’m designing it so that you knit in the round, and then “steek” for the openings for the bag. This should be a nice way to both practice steeking and to perhaps use up some of the left-over yarn.

The bamboo yarn I used for the Stormy Sky sweater comes on cones and the sweater doesn’t use the same amount from each cone. So I had quite a bit of denim color used, but not much of some of the other colors. So I figure I can knit the outside to match, and then the inside can use some of the colors I have more of. So that should be good.

I was thinking of writing the pattern up to have two versions: 1 with a flap that would fold over to close the bag, and one without the flap. So I’m curious whether people would be interested in having a bag without flap v. one with.

I’m expecting this to be a project bag– so a strap long enough to go over the shoulder, if not cross over… and the bag part large enough to hold 8-1/2″ x 11″ instructions as well as yarn and project…