November 24, 2011


Written by Fiber Rhythm

This is the time of year to take a step back and ponder on what has taken place over the last year. I usually hold a Holiday sale this time of year, in part to try and gain more sales to finish up the year, but also in part to say “Thanks!” to all the customers who make my dream job possible. This year is no different (it goes through Dec. 9th). While getting ready to write the newsletter, though, I found I’d spent my time differently than originally planned.

I started this blog a few years back as a way to track my projects. Many of those projects turned into patterns for Fiber Rhythm– and pattern design, test knitting and editing the patterns was where I would spend most of my time.

I’m finding that this year I spent a lot more time on learning new computer skills and improving older ones– php coding, zen-cart, wordpress, adobe creative suite, quick books. I’ve loved it and learned a lot, however, that all means that I’m quite a bit behind on producing the patterns for sale. I even had a pattern done through test knitting last Thanksgiving that I haven’t finished the grading and tech-editing for!

Also, as the business began to take over my “design side”, I found that I was less likely to post project information here in my Projects blog, as I didn’t want to influence where I might publish the patterns (many publications don’t allow any notice of the pattern info online prior to their publication).

As a result, I think that the tone of this blog may be taking a turn… obviously, the rate of posts has slowed. Over the next few weeks I will work on understanding what I can post and what I can’t and may be re-naming or starting a different blog that will be more meaningful and sustainable as I proceed with the knitting business.

Thanks to all who’ve been so supportive this year!

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