Stormy Sky II is done!

This is the wool cardigan version of the original Bamboo. It is more close-fit and cropped rather than over-sized as the original was. Its a good style for those younger gals who are fueling the new knitting boom. I’m very happy with the way it turned out and will use it as a teaching aide and sample (I’m very happy wearing my oversized Bamboo version).

Good news is this doesn’t take nearly the yarn by weight as the original so it will be much cheaper for everyone to make themselves.

I’m also very happy with the buttons I found at Mill End Store here in Portland. The clasp I was able to find at Josephine’s dry goods downtown. Yarn Garden had them before, but they were out.

All my patterns are available at my website, Fiber Rhythm Craft & Design!

Update: All of the patterns that are still available are on ravelry

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