For toe up socks, we need a cast on that will produce a circle of knitting already joined together at the toe.


One method is to cast on half the number of required stitches onto one circular needle. Then knit across these stitches increasing in each one by knitting into the front and back of each stitch. You then rearrange your stitches in preparation for knitting in the round.

    • For knitting on two circulars.Slip the first stitch to the circular needle 1, then slip the second stitch to needle number 2, held behind the first. Continue slipping all stitches, alternating which needle is slipped to.
    • For knitting on four double pointed needles.Slip the first stitch onto needle one, then slip the second stitch onto needle three held behind the first. Continue slipping stitches until half way across, then substitute needle two for needle one. You will end up with half the front stitches on needle 1, half of the front stitches on needle 2 and all of the back stitches on needle 3.

Knit one round.

While this works, it leaves a row of cast on bumps at the toe which many people don’t like

Judy Becker invented a wonderful cast on that does this very thing even better: Judy’s Magic Cast On. Refer to the Knitty article at for her instructions. This cast on is also described in many of the newer Toe Up sock books and is the perfect solution!