Can you Knit and Chew Gum???

I have been struggling with finding ways to get the excercise in that I KNOW I should be doing. To that end, I’ve started taking Pilates on Mondays during my lunch hour (very good). I purchased a new pedometer which I LOVE. Its an Omron Walking Style which has a couple of features that are great: 1. it is more accurate than my previous peds… 2. it tracks regular steps and aerobic steps (10 minutes or more) and 3. it has a strap and clip that prevents it from getting lost when (and all of the pedometers I’ve clipped to my belt have done this) it decides to jump off the belt.

When I walk I often listen to books on my Zen Mp3 player (from audible).

All this is well and good, but walking takes time. Time away from getting the knitting done I can’t do during the day because I’m working (and, believe it or not, work isn’t always conference calls that I can knit through).

So. I’ve been thinking about trying to knit on my walks. Actually, I’ve been thinking about this for years. what kind of knitting apparatus would I really need. A large bag to hold things, a small bag? The point is I’ve been thinking and knitting and not walking.

Previous projects were really too large to do this comfortably. But, since I’m readying for the Sock Summit, I have a lot of smaller knitting to do– namely I’m working on two at once socks with our “Double Bambu”

So. Now I’ve challenged my coordination by knitting AND walking AND listening to books all at the same time!

I feel like this is a major breakthrough. I can hear you now… women have been walking and knitting at the same time for ages. Still… that hasn’t been me (at least not in recent memory… there was the time I worked on a pair of very small baby mittens with pencils and left over yarn for a friend who didn’t have any for her youngun and the snow was at the campground that year…)

At any rate. Yet another reason to like socks. It really does feel like socks are the perfect project to help me get my walking time in!