November 16, 2009

A Quarter Century

Written by Fiber Rhythm

Today marks the day that I have worked at IBM for 25 years. So much has changed in that time. Rather amazing I’m still there.

In honor of that, my boss held a reception for me in Las Vegas during the Information on Demand conference. It was a way to be able to celebrate with mor of the people I have worked with over the years. My mom and dad and twin sister were also able to join me. I had a great time.

The week before, I designed a color sweater pattern to be worked on the knitting machine. I wanted it to be my QCC Sweater (quarter Century Club), so I chose a Laurel leaf as a motif. I took inspiration from the following image.

I have been thinking for a long time that I’d like to design with gradual color changes in the foreground and hardly any color changes in the background. This seemed the perfect opportunity. You can see these colors in the two following photos:

This final photo shows the bands of patterns that I plan on using. The sweater has a lower band with Navy background, persimmon, ginger and toffee in the foreground. (Shows 11001). Then the next band goes from golden greens to teal greens with a sapphire background. Thats the laurel motif. Then the final band moves from teals to lavenders with an allover patterning with a central celtic motif.

I’m looking forward to having the time to actually knit the sweater. I still have some calculations to finish up and some final decisions on the styling.

I worked rather hard today in the studio/sun room to get it cleaned back up and move all of the mailing stuff out of there. Now I’m back to being able to actually get something done there! Plus I uncovered the floor loom, so hopefully will also be able to start working on some denim rugs.

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