Happy New Year!!!

It’s been a pretty good year so far. We started out with the entire family making it to midnight on New Year’s Eve. A first for many years, and nice. I’ve been working on the CYCA Teachers Certification program, and got the package for Phase I sent off on New Year’s Eve too. So my interview is soon. Then onto the 2nd portion. That is one of the things I have planned to finish up in 2008.

I also want to make progress on the knitting machine front. I was gently prodded from a Ravelry user (thankyou!) and have finished writing up the Bouclé Swing Cape pattern. I designed it and knit it in 2006. Good thing I took great notes (and could find them again). So that pattern is also now available on our Fiber Rhythm Craft & Design shopping cart site. It was designed for a Shetland Wool Bouclé yarn and is knit on the Vario Big Knitting machine.

On the hand knitting from, I’m still working on Stormy Sky II — a Jamieson Spindrift wool version of the Norwegian Style Bamboo Sweater that I made for TKGA‘s Master Knitter program. Its coming along nicely. I’m up to the yoke, so the knitting takes more concentration right now.

Also on the teaching front, I’ll be teaching an Entrelac class at Twisted again this month, and the Stranded knitting there next month. I’ve submitted ideas for the TKGA program, but haven’t heard anything back from them.

On the design front, I’m hoping to send some off to other people’s publications this year. Much of that depends on how much time I have left over after the day job. I’m hoping it starts off slow this year, but its not looking that way yet. Lots of projects were pushed into 2008… But its all good.

Here’s hoping everyone has a peaceful 2008