Design Challenge Boxes

Are you looking for a new creative outlet and perhaps some friendly competition? Are you tired of having endless options for things to make– leading to indecision or making more of the same? Maybe a little design structure will bring out new creative energy? If this sounds like you, then we have the perfect solution, our limited edition Design Challenge boxes!

The Design Challenge Boxes will be available every two months.  You can purchase a limited spot in the challenge and receive a specially curated box from the team at Fiber Rhythm. Each box contains a description of the theme, more information about the design challenge, luscious yarn, as well as special treats like our favorite notions, accessories, and locally handcrafted sweets or beverages. The goal of the Design Challenge box is to spark your creativity and get you thinking outside the box, pun intended. Show off your skills and where your imagination can take you within a set of limits. We want to invoke some friendly competition and inspire you to create something you may not have done on your own.

The Design Challenge Boxes are not available in the shop and must be purchased online. Boxes are shipped to challenge participants a week after the sign-up deadline. Designers have 5 to 6 weeks to ‘Design and Make’ the challenge item.

How do you win? Winners are determined by a vote of the Fiber Rhythm Newsletter subscribers.

Does the winner get anything?  The winner of the challenge will be recognized on the Fiber Rhythm Newsletter and on social media. Challengers will also win free tech editing for their design challenge pattern.

When is the next challenge?

The next challenge will start in April 2021. Sign-up between March 28th and April 5th. This challenge is limited to 11 designers.

  • Boxes will be mailed the week of April 12th.
  • Designs will be due on May 25th.
  • Winners will be announced on June 3rd.

Design Challenges are limited. Signups close on Monday, April 5th








Voting is complete!

And our winner for March 2021, the Reflective Headwear Design Challenge, is Sharon Hanson with Northern Nightwalker.

The most recent challenge

Our challenge for February/March was “Reflective Headwear”. Designers received their boxes early in February and had until Tuesday, March 17th, to design and make something based on the prompt that they received with the yarn. Designs could use any technique desired, so this time we have crochet, hand-knit, and machine-knit designs!

Check out the current designs and see what materials were provided by visiting our Pinterest board.

March 2021 Design Challenge
Anna Yarn
Reflective Ribbon