The Fiber Rhythm Design Challenge

Sometimes having endless options to create isn’t good.  Frequently this causes indecisiveness which leads nowhere. Although more often we end up swatching for multiple projects at once but don’t actually follow through on all of them.  Maybe you’re just bored and want something new and fun to do?  Or maybe you want to challenge your design skills a little?  If any of these statements sound familiar, we’ve got something special for you!

We’re sure you’re familiar with the ever-popular subscription boxes.  They exist for so many interests, so naturally, there are many fiber subscriptions available, in both yarn and raw fiber forms.  We’ve created something a little different; a fiber box with intention. Sometimes having a few guidelines or restrictions actually makes the design process easier rather than having endless options. Each box has a challenge for you to solve (mostly just a little guidance for what to design) as well as yarn for you to use to create your item(s). The items will mostly be on the smaller side so it can be done in the allotted amount of time. Designing isn’t limited to a specific fiber craft, although we assume that knitting (by hand or machine) and crochet will be the most popular choices.

There will be deadlines as well as the requirement to provide photos of your completed design, then everyone can vote for the winner! You read that right. A winner! What’s the prize you ask? The champion will receive complimentary tech editing from Fiber Rhythm for their design to help publish it if they wish!

Challenges will be offered every other month.  There will be a limited number of slots available for each challenge. Sign up for our Design Challenge email using the form on this page to be notified of the dates of the next challenge.

Our first deadline was Monday, November 30th at midnight PST. 

Vote for the Design Challenge Winner