Well, we are entering a new era. Now I get to buy yarn to sell to other people! I didn’t even think about how “enabling” that is. I do only have a limited amount of space to put it all.

Here is the yarn (Silk City Fiber’s Bambu 7) all unpacked and laid out on the dining room table. All of the colors (except 2 that were missed in the original order) and the 6 that are part of the Stormy Sky patterns.

I’m taking the yarn and doubling it for hand knitters. The result is “Double Bambu” which knits up to a nice weight for sweaters and hats and the like. Not too fine, not too bulky.

The bamboo feels so nice, and the fabric is not too heavy for those of us that live in warmer climates.

I’ll be making up “Sampler kits” for sale online and at the Fall Knit and Crochet Show that will be happening here in Portland, OR in September.

Pretty exciting!

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