The meetup of the PDX-Knit-Bloggers was a lot of fun. My only regret is that I still have no camera! So I’m depending on others to post their photos. It was great to meet so many like-minded individuals and such an inspiration to see the projects.

I was happy to see that there were several projects in Bamboo! Even a very nice top in the same Bambu 7 I’ve used for the Stormy Sky sweater and bag (different color). Gotta love it. And also inspired by the several MS3 projects underway.

Good to see Peggy McMullen again, (from the Oregonian knitting blog k2tog) and to meet Mims as well.

We pretty well had the room at capacity and snacks were provided ! My thanks to Knit Purl and the PDX-Knit-blogger (yahoo group) organizers (Bobbie, et al) and hope there are many more meetups in our future– it will take me awhile to get everyone’s names and their associated blogs down.

Well– back to the “Stormy Sky bag”… just need to finish the strap and the pockets!!