How exciting! Chance encounter at the local coffee shop and we made it into the blog at The Oregonian (see side link). Peggy McMullen and Mims Copeland have recently started a blog about knitting on the OregonLive website. Very cool. Amazing how much is going on out there!

So I’m taking a day off of the real job to both be with the family that is in from out of town, and am taking a few minutes to work on the shopping cart for the Fiber Rhythm Craft & Design website. It may take awhile, but eventually everything will be up for sale there.

I have recently added PayPal buttons– so the two patterns can be purchased online, without the email back and forth. I’m thinking though that I need to get the cart set up so people can download the pdf version and not wait for USPS.

For those of you that are buying patterns online, do you prefer the PDF? or the hard copy? or do you like to have the choice?

– Dawn