September 20, 2007

Wednesday night Musings

Written by Fiber Rhythm

I’m working with wool again (and for the next couple of projects according to plans that are not written down anywhere, so can easily be changed). I’m finding my eyes start feeling itchy after I’ve worked with it for awhile. I really hope this isn’t actually related. Maybe its something else in the air.

I have a ton of wool in my stash (well, maybe not literally). It would be such a shame to have accumulated those lovelies over the years and then have to say good bye without seeing what they can become. My hands are fine after working with it–so no rashes or anything like that.

Ah well– this should be a relatively quick project. And then I’m off to TKGA conference in Oakland. I am really looking forward to that. I’m taking mostly classes that don’t require homework (and no, that was not my requirement). And this time I’m leaving a couple of class time slots open. I did get a little classed-out last time.

I’m taking (in sequence) the Designer Workshop with Nancy Nehring on Thursday, the Slip Stitch Knitting with Joyce Renee Wyatt on Friday afternoon, the Yarn Stash Workshop with Laura Bryant on Saturday (I still have quite a bite of Prism stash around), and a Big Hook Introduction to Tunisian crochet on Sunday (another stash-buster technique).

Maybe after I get back, I’ll get the bug to actually catalog my “inventory” of yarn. Could be sobering. Definitely have to wait until after the conferences are done, else I might not be able to enjoy the “marketplace”! Last year I got a great lace stole among other things.

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