September 29, 2007

TKGA/CGOA Knit and Crochet Conference

Written by Fiber Rhythm

I’m here at the Knit and Crochet Conference in Oakland. Having fun so far.

I took a Design workshop from Nancy Nehring on Thursday afternoon and that was chock full of good information about publishing craft books and articles and how-to stuff. Well worth attending and very encouraging for people who might want to get into the business.

Today I slept in! (Thats the vacation part of this trip). Last year I had my schedule chock full of classes– every availble time slot was filled. This year, I decided I needed to build in some buffer time. So that was good. I just finished taking the Slip-stitch knitting class with Joyce Renee Wyatt. Also full of good information and you can tell that Joyce has been teaching for awhile. Good progression of simpler to harder swatches to do and encouraging comments along the way. I have done some slip-stitches before, but there is always something new to learn.

Tonight is the TKGA meeting and then dinner with new friends. Tomorrow I will be taking the Stash class with Laura Bryant and I’m really looking forward to that. I’ve had quite a few bits of Prism yarn in my stash over the years… beautiful stuff.

Also tomorrow is the Chic Street fashion show (my Stormy Sky sweater will be in it) and I am really looking forward to that as well. I get pinned as a Master knitter and it may seem a bit corny, but I am proud to have finished the program.

I did finally get the Mystery Stole back on the needles. I had to buy a crochet hook for the beading though, as I couldn’t find the right one when I was packing earlier. The one I got is really nice and works great.

I also am very interested in a project that I hadn’t heard of before. Its the International Fiber Collaborative ( and they are putting together an installation of fiber-crafted 3′ x 3′ squares that will cover an abandoned gas station. Thought provoking. I emailed my sister Dianne and it looks like Fiber Rhythm will produce at least one square for them. We’ll discuss more when I get back home.

More later!

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