Thanks to Judith for taking the photos for me! I really appreciate it. One of the things I like about going to these type of conferences is that the people you meet are always friendly and willing to help out.

I was working backstage during the fashion show, so did not make it out on stage when the rest of the group got “pinned”, but did receive the pin at the end of the evening.

I think that this photo is with the Master Knitters getting pinned. (I was backstage). So sorry, I don’t know the names of the other new master knitters. More people are making it through the program, which is a good thing!

And here I am modelling the Stormy Sky sweater (pattern available at the Fiber Rhythm web site) This pattern is no longer available.

Here I am with Margaret Fisher, who was doing the honors. Handshake and pin hand-off for the cameras. (People told me I should model the bag with the sweater, so I did, even though I didn’t officially enter the bag into the fashion show, I figure if Laura Bryant said it was ok, it was ok, since she and Nancy were emcee-ing).