Started moving just this last week to the new location for Fiber Rhythm and am trying to decide how to refer to the place– The Studio? Fiber Rhythm? or The Shop?


Here’s a sneak peak… this part of the space looks much like a booth at the weavers conference since mostly you see the one yarn (Bambu 7 and 12). But it also has the Double Bambu.

Tomorrow I’ll unpack the Springy Bambu and the kits that are already put together. You can see the winding area to the right. I’ll have two winding areas and there is more room for a sewing area that still needs to be organized. (its behind these boxes).  Believe it or not there is a 8 foot by 4 foot cutting table back there!

Here I have room to have the sewing machine and serger, knitting machines (at least one of them), e-spinner and the winding machines all set up.  And I’ll have room to be able to teach classes in my own space– I’m really looking forward to that!

Once I am comfortable with where everything is and am keeping up with the online orders, I plan on having regular office hours for those who want to be able to pick out their colors in person.

Pretty exciting! and its withing walking distance (just over a mile) from my house– and the old studio/sun room.