Sock Summit Articles

Sock Summit – Day one

Well- I say day one, and that really is because the marketplace opened to customers today. Some vendors set up their booths yesterday, and Lantern Moon sponsored a vendor party at The Kennedy School last night... so things are started.First day. Moved our stuff into...

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Sock Summit is HERE!

Ack! Its really time. I am still finishing writing up my sock patterns, and making sure I have enough other patterns printed. Luckily, we didn't have as much winding to do this time... tomorrow we actually move into the booth.Today I went on over and registered, when...

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We’ll be at the Sock Summit!

I am SO excited! We just found out we get to have a booth at the Sock Summit August 6-9, 2009 at the Convention center in Portland. It really feels like being a part of history... you gotta admit, who ever heard of a Sock Summit before? Now I need to get going on some...

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