Bamboo Fiber Articles


OK. I have to admit it. I have always thought that the real purpose for knitting was to make SWEATERS. Especially for color work. Don't get me wrong, I've knit plenty of hats. But its just recently that I've discovered the JOY of knitting hats. What a great forum for...

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Working with Bamboo and washing!

Just thought I would post a couple of comments about working with bamboo. I have worked with two versions so far. The Silk City Fiber's "Bambu 7" (on cones) and "Just Bamboo" a ribbon yarn from Sirdar. Both produce a really nice drapey fabric and ever so soft. The...

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Bamboo and Alpaca Chemo Cap

I took the same patterns from the "Just Bamboo" blouse, and added lace weight Alpaca to it and created this chemo cap. It's stretched a bit when I'm wearing it, because I've stuck my hair up inside. Its really, really soft. Too bad, the photo doesn't really show off...

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