We have downsized. Our new location is in Suite 312 on the 3rd floor of the Ford Building. As part of our downsizing, we have moved to a “Craft Showroom” shopping model. The Showroom allows you to see and feel the items, but most Showroom purchases will be shipped to you, or available for pickup at a later date. Some items remain available for take-home same-day.

Visiting the Showroom
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we require an appointment for you to visit the Craft Showroom. One half-hour appointment at a time can be scheduled, with one or two visitors (so you can bring a friend/family member with you).

For impromptu shopping, a last-minute appointment can be made by calling us when you are ready to visit. We will schedule you in for an appointment at the next available time slot–as long as we are not over the quota of customers in the shop (or scheduled).

When you arrive at the Ford building, call the shop and we will send someone down to meet you at the 11th Street door to escort you up to Suite 312. Please note that while the COVID restrictions are in place, you are not allowed to enter the Ford building without an escort. No exceptions to this! Our regrets, but restrooms are not available. Please plan accordingly.

Inventory on hand changes – Yarns
We will keep 1 skein/ball/hank/spool/cone of each color of each type of yarn in the showroom. This will allow you to come in and choose colors, see what the yarn looks like and feels like in person– to make the choices that you need to make for your project.
Yarn purchases will be fulfilled from our offsite warehouse and will either be shipped or available for pickup in 1-2 days.

Inventory on hand changes – Equipment
We have some craft equipment–looms, spinning wheels and knitting machines–in the Showroom.
Equipment purchases will be shipped directly to you if they are not immediately available.

Inventory on hand changes – Needles, Notions, Books
Books, knitting needles, crochet hooks and other smaller notions, will be available in the Showroom for purchasing and taking home right away.

Product Deliveries
We use the US Postal Service as our main delivery method. Equipment deliveries may use FedEx or UPS ground.
In store pickup is available for Showroom purchases.
The time delay for scheduling pickup will be one day minimum