I’ve met a few friends now, went looking for people in the Portland area, and found some that I have met at conferences. So the list is growing. But I am spending more time on posting my patterns (finished except for the “Just Bamboo” blouse, which I am re-knitting first), and creating my list of books and projects.

It turns out Ravelry is a much better place to do what I said I would do in my blog heading– document the knitting projects I’ve done over the years. So I am rather excited about that. I’ve put up my current WIP and posted one entry for an entrelac sweater I finished a couple of years ago. Now I want to photograph the old FOs and get as many as I can up there. I really do like the idea of looking back at old accomplishments every now and then.

Then I am really going to move into the stash. I have one of those true mountainous stashes, some in the studio, some in the home office, some in the bedroom closets, most in the attic over the garage… I really, really like the idea of having that documented so I don’t forget what I have and so that I can have a true idea of what I can make out of each grouping.

There are so many great stash-buster projects, but that would be a waste (maybe/debatable) if I really have enough of one yarn to finish an entire garment.

Yesterday my sister and I went out (with my great-nephew) to a couple of Holiday Bazaars. It was great fun and I bought a lovely, truly lovely, batik large enough for a bedspread at one and at the other found Peggy McMullen of K2tog, the Oregon Live blog. She had some great stash for sale there nice wool that I was very tempted by, but having already just mentioned my stash here (and when I get it posted at Ravelry some of you will be able to see) that I just couldn’t add to it right now… at any rate they also had some nice earrings (bought 2 pair) and I bought a cute organic cotton soap bag– for all those little left-overs. A great idea.

We are planning on heading out Hillsboro way next weekend for more of the same!