Fiber Rhythm Studio Membership Registrations now open

Ever wanted to try out Knitting Machines? Register now to be a member of the Fiber Rhythm Studio!

The Studio is located in Suite A (upstairs in the same building as Fiber Rhythm Craft & Design). There are 3 levels of Monthly Membership for you to choose from: The Curiosity Club for those that don’t have much time to commit, but would still like to explore; The Discovery Club for those that have once or twice a week to try things out; and the Creativity Club for those that have a lot of time to spend. You can read more about what each level offers on our Membership Pricing Page

Members will have use of the knitting machines (standard punchcard and electronic, bulky, and circular sock machine) and other equipment (including our Hague Linker) in the studio, discounted Fiber Rhythm Classes and discounted yarn purchases, among other things

Studio times are split into Supervised and Open times. Regularly available times will start Tuesday, October 18th, 2016– with times by appointment prior to the 18th.

One Year Anniversary Reflections

One Year Anniversary Reflections

We have almost reached the one year anniversary of Fiber Rhythm’s retail shop. I see that other than the Fashion Illustration class (which I finished, it was fun), I still have all the other “Currently Working On” items “in progress“. I put that in quotations because very little real progress has been made on those items. But that will change soon.

I just didn’t truly understand how much time the Retail part of the business would take.

As time goes on, I see how there will always be constant evaluation of the products we carry, learning more about who our customers are and what they want. It requires constant attention and a willingness to learn.

I have to say that I am loving it! It lets me express myself in various ways that the primarily online business didn’t really do.

I’ve enjoyed re-arranging, selecting product, expanding areas of the business– supporting weavers, carrying a wider variety of skein yarns, changing the hand-made-and-local product mix. While retaining the shop’s calm and colorful charm.

I have always been a numbers/accountant/spreadsheet gal, and the retail part of the business really feeds that.

As a computer gal (IBM for almost 30 years), I still get to work on the website occasionally, which I enjoy.

I do not have the natural marketing gene that gets me motivated to be on social media, setting up and promoting events. There is still a lot to do in that regard. But I’m working on it.

I am starting to feel like the basics are truly in place and I’ll be able to spend more of my days making. So I’ll have more of my projects to post about here!

Cool. Loving Life and looking forward to the next year!

New SE Portland Yarn Store and Boutique opening!

We are finally out of the basement!  Fiber Rhythm Craft & Design will be opening for regular business hours starting this Friday, October 24th at 11 am. Our hours will be Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 6pm.  We’ve got space in the Brooklyn Business Center right on Milwaukie Ave just south of Powell Blvd.

The address is: 3701 SE Milwaukie Ave, Suite F, Portland, OR 97202

YARNS: we have our Double Bambu yarn, Silk City Fiber’s Bambu7 and 12 (cones) and the Metlon reflective yarn (Retroglo) that I have always carried and have in the online store.  We have added an Oregon dyer’s (Art by Eve) Betsy, Emma and Anne yarns along with her limited edition Oregon raised yarns. We’ll also be carrying Classic Cotton, Donegal Tweed and Tara Tweed from Tahki Stacy Charles.  (The tweeds work well with the reflective yarn)

BOUTIQUE: we have Art by Eve’s (hand crafted in Wilsonville) felted soaps, scarves, cowls and shawls (and some kits). We are in the process of stocking jewelry, hand bags and woven items from other local artists/crafts-people.

HALLWAY ART GALLERY: we have Sam Hall Photography in the first showing (mostly nature photographs)

RENTAL ROOMS/EQUIPMENT: Renting by the hour: Sewing room with Pfaff home sewing machine and White Serger; Knitting Machine room with choice of Toyota and Brother mid and standard gauge KMs and a Erlbacher Gearhart Circular reproduction Sock Machine.  Ideal for those who just don’t have the equipment or don’t have room to keep it set up.

Lots going on!  

Moving Sale!

We’re moving the studio to a new space that will allow us to have direct retail as well as online with studio space in the back…. sooooo looking forward to it. We’ve been painting for 3 days– I think one more will do it!

While we are prepping for the move, we’d love to reduce inventory (less to move), so the moving sale continues through this Saturday (the 23rd).

Here’s a link to our email about it:
Or go directly to Fiber Rhythm online.

25 to 40% off all physical items!

Discover Color Knits

Wow. Fun to create the video and got to collaborate with my son, Sam.

Introducing our new class that will start next month.  Registration will be opening SOON!

Studio Meetups scheduled

For those local to Portland, Oregon folks:

I’ll be hosting an open studio / meetup on Monday evenings from 7:30 until 9:00 pm and again on Wednesday afternoons from 1:30 to 4:00 pm.  Starting next week (April 14th and April 16th).  You are welcome to come and bring whatever project you are working on.

The building is on the SE corner of 18th and Ash.  There is parking at the side of the building off of 18th and to get to the studio you enter from the parking lot side and go downstairs and to the right. (You may have to knock on the window if the door is locked).

I’ll be there, hope to see you!

Reflective Yarn Closeup

Reflective Yarn Closeup

I’ve been asked to provide a close up photo of the Retroglo® yarns to help a customer decide whether or not to buy it and so thought that likely more of you folks might be interested in seeing a closeup of this fun, somewhat ‘magical’ yarn

Retroglo without Flash (no retro-reflective light)

This first photo shows the three widths that we carry.  From left to right, the 1/69″, the 1/32″, and the 1/23″.   It’s funny how its a bit hard to mentally picture the sizes, even though its spelled out for us in the name.

I’ve placed them over a wooden ruler to help illustrate the actual sizes.  If you look closely you can see that these just look like a grey strip of fabric– and that’s true. These are cut from a 3M product called  Scotchlite. It is a reflective material that is laminated to a polyester film for strength and then cut into thin strips by Metlon corporation which manufactures this yarn (made in the USA!)

You may be familiar with this, but Retroglo® has 50,000 minute glass beads to the square inch.  This is what give it the ‘magical’ quality of retro-reflectivity.  The glass beads work to shine the light directly back to the source and is why it provides that all important safety quality to your hand crafted outer-wear.

My second photo is with the flash on. This illustrates the retro-reflectivity we just spoke of.

Retroglo with Flash (retro-reflective light)

If you are interested in trying out these yarns, we suggest that you carry them along with another yarn as even though they are flexible, they are not as flexible or strong as most yarns you might use.
I’ve used them in hats and scarves with good success.  
I have more projects in the works and will be coming out with an ePub later this year with multiple craft projects using this great yarn.  The working title is “Be Seen! Craft Projects with Reflective yarn”
If you would like to hear more about the ePub and be notified when it comes out, please subscribe to our email list to be kept up to date!


I’m working on developing a course and have a few questions for you.

Please take a moment and let me know (via comments) what your answers are to the following questions:

  1. What is something I can do that you wish you could do?
  2. What would you love to see me teach a class on?
  3. What is the one thing you wish you could do or would love to learn more about?

You don’t have to answer all 3– maybe you only know the answer to number 3. That’s fine!

The Studio? Fiber Rhythm? or The Shop?

The Studio? Fiber Rhythm? or The Shop?

Started moving just this last week to the new location for Fiber Rhythm and am trying to decide how to refer to the place– The Studio? Fiber Rhythm? or The Shop?

Here’s a sneak peak… this part of the space looks much like a booth at the weavers conference since mostly you see the cone yarn (Bambu 7 and 12). But it also has the Double Bambu.

Tomorrow I’ll unpack the Springy Bambu and the kits that are already put together. You can see the winding area to the right. I’ll have two winding areas and there is more room for a sewing area that still needs to be organized. (its behind these boxes).  Believe it or not there is a 8 foot by 4 foot cutting table back there!

Here I have room to have the sewing machine and serger, knitting machines (at least one of them), e-spinner and the winding machines all set up.  And I’ll have room to be able to teach classes in my own space– I’m really looking forward to that!

Once I am comfortable with where everything is and am keeping up with the online orders, I plan on having regular office hours for those who want to be able to pick out their colors in person.

Pretty exciting! and its withing walking distance (just over a mile) from my house– and the old studio/sun room.