November 8, 2021

Announcing 3 New Crafty Team Members

Our Team Members

Written by Fiber Rhythm Team

The Fiber Rhythm Team is growing

I’m pleased to announce three new Fiber Rhythm Team members!  You will find Brian, Anne, and Jill in our Retail Show Room–each working a different shift. They all started with us in October and have been learning about all the yarns and tools we carry. We are so happy they are here! These three crafters bring a range of fiber art skills to our team. Read a bit about each of them below, or better yet, stop in and meet them in person. I know they would love to meet you.

Want to know who else we’ve hired? There will be more updates coming soon!

Brian Hennes

Brian Hennes
Brian: Multi-shaft weaving, spinning

Our first team member is Brian Hennes. Brian has a home studio and is a  lover of spinning wheels and looms. He has been known to clean, card, spin, dye, and weave a raw fleece into a memorable keepsake. As a chemist, he is drawn to the properties, interactions, and behaviors of fiber. Brian is an overall fiber enthusiast and lover of dogs.

Brian works our morning shift in the Retail Show Room from Tuesday through Saturday. You can find him on Instagram at @Bald_hen or visit his website to see his beautiful handwovens.

Anne Cipolla-Hopkins

Anne Cipolla
Anne: Rigid heddle weaving, surface embellishment

Our second team member is Anne Cipolla-Hopkins. Anne’s lifelong fascination with color and handmade textiles has caused her to push her rigid heddle looms to their limits while always keeping a knitting project in her tote bag. She has recently been exploring surface embellishment on handmade fabric.  Her loves include her family, Pete the hound, and Italian cooking.

In addition to being our Social Media maven, Anne works the Saturday afternoon shift in the Retail Show Room.

Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson
Jill: Knitting, crochet

Our third team member is Jill Johnson. Jill began her love of yarn when pregnant with her first child – so many cute baby things to knit! When she learned to crochet a decade later, that became her new favorite.  Now, as long as luscious yarn is involved, she’s content.  Her other loves are her two children, making music, and exploring and connecting to the sacred in everyday life.

Jill works our afternoon shift in the Retail Show Room on Thursdays and Fridays.

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