October 28, 2021

5 Ways to Use Craft Kits this Holiday Season

TOFT-Chardonnay the pony

Written by Fiber Rhythm

Create handmade gifts quickly using craft kits

Give the gift of satisfaction by gifting a kit this holiday season

Try a new craft before spending on extensive supplies

Refresh an old skill

Enjoy the creative process without spending time to plan, measure, calculate, and shop for accessories

Cold, blustery or wet fall and winter seasons are a wonderful time to curl up with a handcraft and create heirloom gifts. The season is ideal for those people who exchange gifts during winter holidays to create handmade treasures. Fiber Rhythm carries KITS for crocheting, knitting, weaving and more.

Crafting kits may help crafters deliver handmade treasures in time for holiday gift-giving. The gift of a new kit can encourage family members or friends to experience the satisfaction of handcrafting and help pass a treasured art to a new generation.

Kits provide value that lasts far beyond the holiday season. They are an ideal way to learn new techniques and to create handmade gifts. Fiber crafters can explore a new art before investing in a large-scale project. Kits may be used to refresh a skill that has become rusty. Even experienced fiber artists may use kits to quickly source all the materials for a project or for quick production of lovely handcrafted treasures.

The featured image shows Chardonnay the Pony, a crocheted stuffed animal created from a TOFT kit. These animal kits contain everything from crochet hooks to stuffing for creating a huggable keepsake. The kits are ranked by difficulty levels 1, 2, and 3. Explore CROCHET KITS online to see the TOFT animals at each level of difficulty, or drop by the store for an array of these adorable creations.

Alzeda the Angora Goat is a great Crafting Kit for weavers. Gift it to a weaver you love this Holiday Season!
Alzeda the Angora Goat Weaving Kit

WEAVING KITS include selections for multi-shaft, rigid heddle and pin loom weavers. Alzeda the Angora Goat is one of a series of soft, huggable Swatch Critters for a Schact Zoom Loom or a pin loom. These critter kits contain everything but the stuffing for weaving an animal from Mountain Colors hand-painted wool yarns.

Fiber craft kits are only one of the Fiber Rhythm team’s contributions to your handcrafting productivity. When projects get bogged down, the Fiber Rhythm Studio helps untangle your snags. You might BOOK a private lesson with an expert to solve a problem or finesse a new skill, HIRE an expert to work through a tough spot on a project for you, or even HAND OFF a project that’s holding you back. Thirty-minute store shopping APPOINTMENTS are always available so you can shop for supplies while exchanging ideas with our staff. See if inspiration strikes!

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